The Rise & Fall of Alias righteous of The Anonymous Hacker Collective

At this point in time I have no problem putting this information out in public because I have already given it to international authorities, namely INTERPOL, and even after applying for political asylum twice with two different countries and willfully attempting to get myself detained at both the French Embassy and French Consulate, as well as United Nations Headquarters in New York City, I am convinced that no one actually cares what I used to do or be. So, for all of those of you not already aware, my Government name is “Brian James Dunn Jr,” but I am also known as the online alias “righteous” of the Anonymous Hacker Collective.

In my time under this alias, roughly from May 2015 to December 2016, I worked behind the scenes to expose the identities/stories of major international criminals and terrorists worldwide, and if possible put them behind bars and off the streets. In my spare time I also worked as a freelance online ghostwriter for the AnonHQ website, managed an online hacking phpBB forum through and moderated countless online hacktivist chatrooms.

I began this work within a few weeks after submitting an application to the United States Central Intelligence Agency, and after gaining acceptance to serve in Jordan with the US Peace Corps – though I never ended up serving in either position. At the time I was confused, everyone in my life was trying to talk me out of going overseas and if I had the choice, I would have much rather worked for Central Intelligence. After enough time had passed with no word and the deadline to commit to Jordan approaching, I got anxious and broke protocol.

For those of you whom might not be aware, it is against “the rules” for anyone whom applies for a “Clandestine” position with the CIA to tell any friend, family member or colleague that they have applied for that position – ever. For months I waited for any sort of response from the CIA, either positive or negative, but word never came. I finally got up the nerve and decided to send them an email informing them of the developing situation with Peace Corps/Jordan, asking for any sort of update with my application. To which which they responded that it was the CIA’s policy to not accept any member of the Peace Corps until at least 4 years after they finished serving. It was only later that same year I was informed that my application to the CIA was an automatic disqualification, because of my personal admission of marijuana use.

By mid-2015 I was angry, depressed, bitter and to be honest, a little suicidal. I hated the direction my job/life was taking me, and lamented being rejected for the CIA and deciding against a future in Jordan. I figured that if I couldn’t make a difference in the world through a Government agency, I would take it into my own hands. This was when I started to explore and ultimately “joined” the Anonymous Hacker Collective.

It took a while to get the hang of it and find others, but after a few weeks of research I managed to get my foot in the door within an Anonymous online chatroom through the Chatbox service. Soon enough, after a few weeks spent learning, connecting with others and making a new friends I managed to get in touch with some of the “higher ups” within the collective. Shortly thereafter, after sharing some of my ideals and regularly writing for an online forum, I was asked if I would like to begin publishing new articles with/for/under them – the rest is history. I would estimate that in my time as a ghostwriter/content specialist with Anonymous under the alias “righteous,” I got around 200 articles published through various online news/publishing outlets, including MintPress News, TrueActivist, Anti-Media and AnonHQ – each of them receiving thousands to tens of thousands of reads all around the world. In addition to this, I also hosted private servers to help source content to/for other ghostwriters, website owners and activists such as myself. If I had to guess, I would estimate that my private content generation service produced well over 1,000 articles through various news sources, websites, publishers and authors throughout the course of 10/2015 – 11/2016. Outside of this, I also helped other activists write/edit their own scripts, assisted in the production of dozens of videos and helped draft advertisements for various operations – including on the IRC.

But that is only half my story with Anonymous, really. The other half of my story revolves around my creation of the Anonymous Intelligence Agency sometime around the Fall of 2015. Using the resentment stored up from being rejected to work for/with my own Government, along with my new connections being made through Anonymous and my anger following a string of terror attacks throughout Europe, most notably the Paris terror attack of November 2015, I decided to branch out form my own Non-Government Organization (NG0) to start fighting back.

Coupled with my knowledge of Cyber Security, through the Anonymous Intelligence Agency I vowed to act as a liaison to connect hackers, activists and hacktivists to the services of police offices and Government agencies worldwide. From the start, it was my mission to bring about change in this world, to stand up against all the ignorance, crime, oppression, War, death and destruction I was seeing all around the world on a daily basis, to ‘light up the darkness’ – so to speak.

The Only Video I Ever Produced for Anonymous:

I can not explain why, but following the November 2015 terror attack my mind shifted into a state of complete overdrive/rage. I would sit in front of my computer for 12-16 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for literally weeks/months on end. All time spent reading/researching, writing, talking in online chatrooms and coordinating various operations with others. I also remember the months of December 2015 and January 2016 to be some of the darkest times my mind has ever seen, and all of this coincided with the establishment of the AIA and my attempts to get if up off the ground and running.

For example, the first tip I ever made regarded an online sexual exploitation scam out of India. One day a man logged into my chatroom and proceeded to tell me that he knew a man who would have sex with women, then take some very degrading pictures and sometimes rape them. He would then take these photos/videos and ransom to release them to all of their friends and family if these girls wouldn’t have sex with him whenever he wanted, or perform sexual acts with others on his behalf – essentially turning them into sex slaves.

I was also told that because this man knew how to hack, he had access to all of his victims social media accounts and phone/contacts lists, ensuring that he really could send their photos/videos out to every person his victims knew. I forget the exact figure, but the tip included the press clippings of at least 4 women who committed suicide as a result of this man.

Together with a written witness statement from the man whom contacted me, including all of his contact information for police to verify, along with the press clippings from his victims deaths, including information from a source close to the man allowing an Anonymous hacker to uncover the IP Address associated with the computer he used to store data and exploit his victims, I was able to assemble, organized and package the information together to submit to authorities inside India. Within 48 hours of my tip, my original source logged back onto the chatroom and informed me that the man had been arrested and couldn’t express how appreciative he was for me or the AIA for doing what I had done. From that moment on I was hooked, I couldn’t get enough.

Before my time with the AIA was finished, together with my own research, along with the help of countless others, I would estimate that I personally submitted anywhere between 175-225 “Anonymous tips” to various police departments and Government agencies worldwide, each individual tip sometimes containing hundreds to thousands of individual websites or targets.

Though I can not remember them all, some of the highlights during my time running the Anonymous Intelligence Agency include:

  • Uncovering an online Wiki of over 15,000 DarkNet web pages, including hitmen for hire, drug sales, illegal torrents, passport forging – et cetera.
  • Successfully providing information leading to the arrest of a Nigerian bank robber/terrorist in England through MI5.
  • Getting an Islamic preacher/ISIS recruiter arrested through the FIS in Germany for providing funding to members of ISIS in Syria.
  • Providing information leading to the arrest of 3 members of the OurMine hacking gang, closing their social accounts and permanently deleting their website offline – also through FIS Germany.
  • Getting a Virginia man arrested for carrying out a DDoS attack on a US Naval Base.
  • Exposing hundreds of underground Islamic State news websites used to spread propaganda and recruit new members, including email list subscribers.
  • Reporting thousands of Islamic State social media profiles.
  • Gaining access to official Islamic State Charter documents.
  • Obtaining the login information to over a dozen private Islamic State chatrooms on Telegram and reporting them to the FSB & CIA.
  • Successfully shutting down an underground dogfighting ring in Lebanon and taking down their website/social media pages.
  • Exposing dozens of websites used for endangered animal sale/trade, including Cheetahs out of Africa and illegal sales of those animals in countries like the UAE.
  • Reporting Rhino horn smugglers out of China.
  • Passing along information about Child Pornographer targets/website and Child Exploiters/Predators to authorities inside the FBI and INTERPOL

To allow people to submit me information, I hosted a private but open un-encrypted online server – sometimes in different locations depending on the timeline. Once inside, a source could then enter into a chatroom and, under my personal protection, provide me with whatever information they desired. I am proud to say that in my time running the AIA not one source was ever compromised, and until I went to international authorities for myself in July 2018 no one knew my real identity, or whom had been providing them with all of the information over the years.

From the start, it was always my mission to connect hackers, activists and hacktivist to the services of Government offices and police agencies all over the world. You see, most hackers or activists are afraid of their Government and the last thing they want to do is make personal or direct contact with them, especially if they had/have done something wrong or seen/witnessed something perhaps they shouldn’t have. This is how I used the Anonymous Intelligence Agency, to connect people to one another, to bring about positive change in this world. They provided me with the information, and I took all the risks on their behalf.

Given the type of people I was dealing with and the type of information I was passing along, to keep myself safe and Anonymous online while reporting these crimes, I used a series of proxy chains over an open source Virtual Private Network (VPN) as I submitted information over existing web portals throughout various countries.

Though I submitted the majority of my tips – maybe 50% of them – primarily to two agencies, International Police (INTERPOL) Headquarters in Lyon, France and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, I also submitted multiple tips to various other international agencies including but not limited to the US CIA, Domestic Intelligence Service in Germany, Inter-Service Intelligence in Pakistan, Royal Mounted Police in Canada, Federal Secret Service in Russia and MI5 in England.

As for why I decided to form the AIA to begin with, it wasn’t just because I was angry and bitter at my Government/the World . Truth be told, I was actually inspired to form it after I started seeing so much time, effort, research, work and information going to waste inside various Anonymous circles. What I mean to say is that in my brief time getting to know Anonymous I encountered so many people with amazing talent/skills, but whom had no idea what to do with some of the information they were uncovering or how valuable/important it really was. So, together with their talents and my ability to analyze and organize data, the AIA was founded.

For example, as often times happens, after exposing or uncovering something a hacker and/or leaker will simply take the information and dump it online through a copy and paste service such Ghostbin or Pastebin. If not this, then they will post it within an online chatroom, on their individual/group social media channels and if they are lucky, get it featured on some sort of blog or news website. While I did not want insult anyone or detract from their work/efforts, I always felt like at least some of the people I was working with were destined for much greater or bigger/better things, and could have been accomplishing much more from their results. So, I began reaching out to various chatrooms, hackers and online groups, establishing connections while explaining what I was trying to set up/accomplish and how they could help. It wasn’t long before setting up my first server on Chatbox that people began “leaking” me information and the AIA was officially established.

Though I hosted servers in different locations, my chatrooms were always open to the public for anyone to join. However, especially given my objectives, I didn’t really tolerate anything other than business – and always moderated the servers with an iron first. On top of this, across multiple channels, some of them not even my own, I would label my server “Report A Crime” and hyperlink direct access to it. Once inside, anyone in the world could provide with me with live time witness statements or information relating to different illegal/criminal websites, terrorist activities, or general crimes they were aware of/had personal knowledge of – as well as anything else they deemed noteworthy or necessary.

Tip The AIA:

It is also important to understand that I call the AIA a “non-Government Organization” (NGO) for a reason. Not only because I was just one man dealing with dangerous computer hackers whom could be considered criminals/terrorists to their own Governments, but also because I knew that it’s illegal for members of the US Central Intelligence Agency to share intelligence/information with other intelligence agencies around the world – such as the FSB in Russia – without proper authorization. Therefore, working as a private citizen through the AIA, I was given a sort of “creative freedom” that I would have never been able to enjoy had the CIA ever actually hired me or accepted my application in the first place – #SilverLinings.

This is also why I took it upon myself to share as much information as possible with as many sources/Government Institutions around the world as I could, because I knew if I had simply just given it all straight to the United States Government they would only have just sat on it, hoarded the information and nothing would have ever gotten done. As a private citizen making no money for my efforts, the only thing I wanted to see was results – so I made it happen. In this way I was always willing to put in the work that others, including my own Government, either couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Why It All Came To An End

I am not going to lie, the remark I made earlier about the first couple months after forming the AIA as being some of the darkest days my mind has ever seen played a large part of the role. Towards the end, maybe around October 2016, it was almost impossible for me to log onto a computer and not be bombarded with requests to review something, pass information along or have some sort of data dumped in my lap – at times it was almost overwhelming. I felt an obligation to help these people and take information for them, and in this way the AIA started to feel like more of a burden than something I actually enjoyed doing – after long enough it just wasn’t fun for me anymore.

Though I met some truly amazing people and did some amazing things, in my time online I have seen things that I will never be able to un-see and learned things I will never be able to forget. I’ve seen the aftermath of War Crimes in Africa and the Middle East, I’ve seen people burned alive in cages, seen peoples insides eaten out by rats, seen peoples skulls split in two with machete’s, seen waves of blood after dozens of migrants were gunned down at sea – so on an so forth. I’ve seen “classified” files from inside Government agencies, offices and ministries worldwide. Combine this with firsthand knowledge of terrible crimes being committed all around on the world including on the DarkNet, including things such as child exploitation, endangered animal smuggling, you name it, the human mind can only take so much and all the madness/darkness started to get to me – it literally seemed endless, which made my efforts feel hopeless. No matter how much I tried to help, solve or accomplish, more and more terrible things kept coming my way. By the time I decided to close the AIA and retire from Anonymous in December of 2016 I had been at work non-stop on a daily basis for almost a year and a half straight, it was time for me to take a break and step away.

But that is only part of the story behind my retirement, really. Shortly after setting up a “honeypot” chatroom as part of #OpISIS International Troll day and getting my life threatened by members of the Islamic State and/or hacking groups associated with them, I remember making the remark that “if ISIS wanted to kill me, let them. If the CIA wanted to suicide me, let them.” As I have also previously stated, my whole life I have always felt like nothing more than a powerless ant aimlessly wandering around society with no real purpose. I formed the AIA to say “fuck the world,” in an attempt to be the change I wished to see in the world and “un-fuck” the world by changing things about it I did not like or no longer wanted to see. Quite frankly, I didn’t care if one of the criminals I caught wanted to target or try to kill me, I didn’t care that ISIS put me on an international hit list, I didn’t care if my Government didn’t like what I was doing, I have been suicidal my whole life and had been dead in my mind for more months/years than I can count at that point.

The sad thing is that I remember waiting in my living room night after night, smoking marijuana while working on my computer just waiting for death to come or for some 3 letter acronym affiliated with the US Government to come kick down my doors down – but it never happened. I’m not saying the paranoia got to me, necessarily, but after thousands upon thousands of hours of work I had had enough, and wanted to start putting my mind towards something different – so I began focusing more on my writing.

Sure, tracking terror cells while managing online forums and moderating online chatrooms was cool, as was getting to know some of the world most dangerous/influential hackers firsthand, but truth be told there was nothing I enjoyed more than writing. In fact, it was my online writing skills which first got me started “within” Anonymous to begin with.

July 2016 essentially marked the beginning of the end of my career with Anonymous, this is when I broke off from my ghostwriting/content generation job, ditched my online alias as righteous and launched my own online news platform/website under my real name – Alternative Medi4. Perhaps I was arrogant, perhaps it was a stupid decision in retrospect, but I always knew my ceiling or success writing under an alias would always be limited, and wanted to use all the knowledge, experience and skills I had developed over the years to accomplish something greater. Do I miss some of my time in Anonymous today? Yes, I do. Do I regret my decision to leave? No, not necessarily – nothing is ever meant to last.

Until I scrubbed all of my content off the internet and deleted my entire archive at the end of July 2018, my mission statement had always read something like: “after getting introduced to the industry as a freelance ghostwriter and activists, when it came time to apply for new jobs I suddenly realized that I didn’t actually have a physical portfolio I could show employers.” I had always feared ‘doxxing’ myself as righteous or letting anyone know who I actually was would send me straight to prison or get me killed, and honestly believed that I couldn’t show anyone anything I had ever done or accomplished – so I didn’t.

Ironically and somewhat expectedly though, I believe this is why I ultimately failed and my website ended up falling flat on its face, because no one anywhere in the world knew who the hell I was, what I had done in the past or anything I was capable of. To them, I was just some random guy named Brian Dunn who attempted to launch a news platform smack in the middle of a Presidential election, at the full height of the whole “fake news fiasco.” In retrospect, it was literally THE worst possible time in internet history to decide to do something like that, so my website and news platform was simply drowned out by all the chaos of the time.

Looking back, the name of my website and the domain I chose was also extremely unfortunate – on so many levels.

Before changing my domain to Bankrupt Medi4, The Daily Proletariat and Legacy Medi4, my site was first named Alternative Medi4 ( Though I swear I chose the domain and started altmedi4 before the “alt-right” really started to take off and become so infamous, the correlation between the two was unshakable and my reputation was essentially sabotaged from the start. Almost immediately after launching the site I was labeled some sort of white supremacist/nationalist or racist by everyone who saw the domain at first glance without actually reading any of the content on it- preventing others from wanting to visit the site or associate/work with me altogether.

For example, one of the first ever articles I published regarded the oceans plastic contamination epidemic, explaining how contamination has been spreading all around the world while drawing attention to some of the new inventions different activists are coming up with to help solve the problem. However, when I told one of my tenants they should read it, later that night I could hear them talking in the parking lot with their friends about how they had just found out I was a member of the alt-right, because I had an altmedi4 domain. She didn’t even read the article to see what it was all about, she just saw the domain name (URL) and automatically assumed I was a far-right racist, and that my content wasn’t even worth reading. This was also not an isolated experience.

Looking back, the interesting thing about the situation, at least to me, was that I launched my website before the alt-right really started to make a name for themselves within the main stream media. It also wasn’t long thereafter that all of these alt_Government Twitter handles started popping up everywhere, full of disgruntled US Federal Government employees from different agencies trying to expressing their distress and criticisms of the Government – whilst trying to stay secure/anonymous online while doing so.

Read More – How To Create/Maintain an Anonymous Identity Online |by righteous:

Maybe it was all just some great coincidence, or maybe it was all just inside my head, but I have always felt like some, if not a lot of these people were some the same people I had been secretly working with under Anonymous for all those months/years beforehand. It certainly felt like as soon as I retired, made the change to altmedi4 and invented the alt_PublishersLicense, the rest of the US made the change along with me – though I know that statement is impossible to quantify or prove, especially today.

It is also my firm belief that following the conclusion of #OpKKK in September 2015, members of the American neo-Nazi party and KKK either attempted to either pose as or directly infiltrated as members of Anonymous for revenge sake or to gather information about us. Because of this, I also believe they found our various online tutorials and services, and miss-used them to discreetly advance their own agendas. In other words, in retrospect, I absolutely believe Anonymous itself accidentally gave rise to and helped propagate the spread of the alt-right and neo-Nazi parties online presences through the course of 2016 and into 2017.

Regardless, it wasn’t until November 30th 2016 that I officially retired from Anonymous entirely. This was also a specific and exact date for a reason. For those of you whom might not be aware, on December 1st 2016 the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and US Congress successfully implemented joint changes to existing laws, namely Rule 41, drastically expanding upon the jurisdiction granted to Federal prosecutors while carrying out search warrants online.

Before December 2016, if a Federal agent wanted to search the computer of any given person visiting a particular website they would have needed to get a search warrant for each and every person/IP Address which visited that site. Meaning that if the FBI wanted to investigate a site which had 1 million unique visitors, the FBI would have to get 1 million individual search warrants for each one. Changes to Rule 41 allowed Federal prosecutors the right to treat a websites domain name as 1 giant search warrant. Meaning that, starting in December 2016, agencies like the FBI could use the warrant for 1 website to legally hack/search every single one of that sites visitors. This ensured that the FBI or other any other Government agency would no longer have to go through the “hassle” of obtaining individual search warrants for individual people, drastically saving on time, money and resources – but essentially spitting in the face of the spirit of the 4th Amendment and our countries civil Liberties.

As it should be plain to see, changes to this Rule and these laws would have essentially made vigilante work like mine impossible to continue in the future, or at least continue safely, securely and privately without running the risk of my identity eventually being compromised. Before logging off from all Anonymous servers for the last time, I remember making the final remark that: “our government might not be full-fledged Nazi’s yet, but they desperately desire to be” – specifically in regards to the implementation of Rule 41 and future threats against internet freedoms, freedom of speech and journalism under Donald Trump over the years to come.

Though I do not necessarily consider myself one, for better or worse Anonymous has always been associated or affiliated with “Anarchists” and “Anarchism” – that is what the symbol “A” stands for, after all. Anonymous is also know for ‘going to War‘ with people over various issues or events. However, for whatever reason, on that day – November 30th 2016 – all of the time, effort, research and energy I had put into my online activism felt utterly useless/futile, and I began to believe that there was no hope of fighting anymore – nevermind winning whatever War anyone had set out to wage.

What I Did After Tagging Myself R.E.D.

There’s no doubt that after retiring I was in a state of sheer depression, I was smoking massive amounts of marijuana on a daily basis for hours on end and had been abusing Adderall for months at that point. In fact, within a week after retiring my mind was so numb that I ended up going to work one day and developed severe frostbite damage to my nose, hands, feet – damage still visible to this day. It just wasn’t a good time period in my life, I didn’t even write a single article for any website for over a month afterwards – the longest time period I had gone without writing something/anything in years at that point.

After new years was over and I got over the worst of my Adderall withdrawals I struggled to start writing again, sentences didn’t make sense, my grammar was off and I didn’t feel passionate about anything I was actually writing about anymore. All I remember was being desperate to get out of New Hampshire, find a new job somewhere in a warm climate somewhere and just start over a new life from scratch. But I was rejected for every job, interview or position I applied for – further dragging me down into a state of hopelessness. Despite it all I continued writing, continued trying to advance my website and convince myself that each and every new article would be ‘the one’ which would finally catch the worlds attention and thrust me into the main stream – but it just simply never happened.

By the summer of 2017 I was getting frustrated at the progress of my website and decided to start experimenting with new things/options. For the first time I created a YouTube channel featuring audio versions of each article I wrote, as well as different Twitter accounts to reach more viewers online. I even changed my websites theme/layouts more times than I could count, whilst also experimenting with new domain names – hoping each one would bring me more success/visibility. But still nothing seemed to work. In that moment, summer 2017, I remember thinking I should’ve just give up everything entirely and walked away, but couldn’t bring myself to throw away years of work. So, in one last ditch final effort, I doubled down.

My last ever domain name was – after I had spent the remainder of my entire savings on a new computer and desk, hoping a new work-space could uplift me and inspire me to continue pumping out new work. Essentially, I had gone this far and was willing to exhaust every possible resource I had in hopes of making my dream/vision come true. However, I only succeeded in bankrupting myself entirely and losing everything. On through today, my website and activism work remains a complete and total failure. Just because I wanted to become a famous writer and change the world, I lost everything – my friends, job, apartment, money, possessions, everything. In October 2018 I’ve now even lost the backup file containing every document off my old website, roughly 4,000 – 5,000 hours worth of work. Every article I’ve ever wrote from July 2016 to June 2018 no longer exists anywhere anymore – except in my mind.

To give you some perspective of my mindset as I sit here today, over the course of the last 4 years I’ve applied for over 300 positions in various states/countries, and have been rejected for every single one them. Over this same time period I have only received two call backs, and had 1 request for interview. On top of this, in two years of work for my personal website, not once did I receive a single republish or request to republish from another site or author, and not one person has ever reached out to contact or interview me about my work. Perhaps even worse, the creation of my website has also led to my complete social/societal downfall as well.

When I first started writing I remember covering a War Crime carried out by Saudi forces, using US manufactured munitions to strategically bomb a hospital in Yemen – killing dozens of people, including children. To help people better understand and give them a full understanding of what had happened there, and at places just like it all across the Middle East and Africa, I included pictures from the bomb site – including the dead bodies of children killed in the attack. However, I remember going to the gym the very next day and being confronted by a man who was outraged at what he had seen on my site. In a decidedly negative/disgusted tone, he told me ‘you need to clean up some of that content on your site,’ implying that he would never visit my site again after what he had seen/witnessed there.

To this day, what he didn’t understand and what no one seems to understand is that I included pictures/content like that on purpose, for a strategic reason – because I want people to be offended. Right now, at this very moment in time, there are untold amounts of people being killed or dying in these Wars/conflicts every single day. Quite frankly, I do not care if it offends you to see the world for what it truly is. All of this death, destruction, War, oppression and misery is very real and occurring in the same world you live in. You SHOULD be offended/outraged at the pictures of dead bodies of innocent children in Yemen/Syria, you SHOULD be outraged at the pictures of hundreds of migrants drowned at sea in the Mediterranean, you SHOULD be outraged at entire villages burned to the ground in Nigeria, you SHOULD be outraged by the site of millions of migrants fleeing War while living in tents with no food or water in Kenya – THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT! That is exactly why I did what I did.

I once wrote that I was glad in a way for seeing so many dark and/or crazy things on the internet in the past because, in theory, the more you experience and the more experience you have, the wiser you naturally become. What I mean to say is that in all my time online I have literally seen things that no one in the world has ever seen, or perhaps never will see again. In this way my experience has given me a unique perspective on the world and world affairs that almost no other person can appreciate or understand. While this has dragged me down into a state of depression over time, in some ways it has also made me a much more mentally stronger person as a result – because I’m able to see, consume, digest and intellectually breakdown/discuss information that most people wouldn’t be able to touch with a ‘39 and a half foot pole.

Nonetheless, my site and the content on it has always seemed to either rub people the wrong way, hurt their “feels” and/or offend them, and everywhere I go I’ve been chastised for what I’ve written. This is also why I believe that my website and combined work experience has made me utterly unemployable for the better part of the last 3-4 years. Ever since first opening my website in July of 2016 I have been accused of being member of the alt-right, a white supremacist, a hacker, a leaker, a criminal, anti-American, a traitor, a conspiracy theorist, Russian sympathizer, ISIS sympathizer – you name it. It appears as though the world just wasn’t’ ready for me yet or anything I had to share.

Image result for light bulb being executed by candles

My Attempts at Escaping Political Persecution

As I have previously stated, starting my website in July 2016 led to my complete social/societal downfall. But the end of 2017 is when everything went from bad to worse, as social mockery slowly began turning into threats of physical violence and criminal mischief. For whatever reason, everywhere I went I was followed. Random people would film me on the streets with their cell phones, people would drive around town and follow me with their cars as I walked, or walk along side me on the other side of the street just to see where I was going. From my computer activity and the websites I visited to my everyday work, it seemed as if everyone knew everything I was doing – in live time as I was doing it. I would get negative looks from people all over town as I walked by, people I had never met would walk right up to me and try intimidate or fight me – even some of my own tenants were trying to get me set up to get kicked in the groin or assaulted. At one point in early 2018 one of my tenants boyfriends even drew a gun on me and pointed it directly my face as I walked through the town parking lot. In fact, over the course of the last 8 months I have had 3 different people pull guns on me and point them directly at my face, in 3 different cities; Henniker, Miami, and New York City.

At one point in February – March 2018 the situation gotten so bad that I strongly contemplated taking my own life, and went as far as to make my own hangman’s noose to test out. Had the rope not expanded a few extra inches under the weight of my body, allowing my toes to touch the ground, I would not be here today. Soon thereafter, rather than take my life, I woke up one morning and decided to go straight to the local Henniker police and explain to them everything that was going on. In a recorded verbal statement I told them how my tenants and their friends had been stalking me, slandering me, making up stories around town, intentionally miss-wiring electric appliances and messing around with electrical outlets/panels, as well as trying to get others to incite violence against me. Only instead of listening to me or trying to help, or doing anything at all about the situation, the police simply took my statements as an opportunity to tell me I was the one being investigated. At that point in time, that was also the 2nd or 3rd time I had gone to the local police asking for help about various incidents around town.

A few weeks later, after nothing had changed or improved, I gotten so desperate that I reached out the FBI for help – knowing full well the local police would do nothing. However, after waiting for days with no response, I grew so afraid/desperate that I made the brash decision to flee the country entirely and apply for political asylum in the Bahamas- fully believing that my website and online work was the reason so many people were trying to hurt me, had come to hate me and/or refused to help me. So, I installed my old proxy chain one last time and tied to secretly/discretely buy a plane ticket to the Bahamas in hopes of finding freedom. However, as soon as I entered Logan airport in Boston everyone already knew what I was up to and what I was trying to accomplish.

I was stopped at check-in and told that I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the Bahamas without a purchasing a return ticket. When I went through security, I was told that my USB stick containing my XML files, log information and 2FA backup codes for all my accounts had been lost at search. My plane got delayed more times than I could count and I could hear people all over the airport talking about me; talking about this American was trying to flee the country and seek asylum abroad – while saying it was a sad day for America I couldn’t get caught. I heard people screaming on their phones in anger about how it was a disappointing day for America that they couldn’t catch me in time and how these types of investigations needed to be ended in half the time it was currently taking. To this day I am not fully sure what they were talking about, but I have always assumed it was about my online work.

When I finally did make it onto the plane I was randomly asked to move seats and ended up being sandwiched between two men; a doctor from Argentina reading a book about Medellin, Colombia and an American business man reading a book about the Irish mob. In retrospect, I too assume this was no small coincidence. And I say this because I once fell in love with a girl from Medellin and my family has connections to the IRA. They both seemed like good men, and both of them knew exactly why I was there and what I was attempting to do by leaving the country. Believe it or not, by the end of the trip, they even wished me the best of luck with my asylum application. After transferring to another plane in Miami for the connecting trip, the first thing I did after entering into the Bahamas was go straight to customs, declare political asylum and explain to them why I was trying to flee the United States. I told them how I had been under investigation for things I couldn’t understand, how I was a website owner/journalist and that the FBI and local police refused to help or speak to me. I explained to them how I couldn’t find a job and that is was my hope/intention to come to the Bahamas and obtain a work permit – start a new life for myself and escape my political persecution back home.

However, almost as fast as I explained everything I was told that my asylum application was being denied. I was told I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country, walked through the airport and forced to buy a return ticket back to Miami-Dade international airport. From leaving Miami, to entering the Bahamas and applying/interviewing for asylum to returning back to the United States, I would estimate that the whole ordeal took place over a 3-4 hour time span.

For some reason though, after making it back into the United States I was never checked, walked through customs, searched or spoken to. I then spent the last bit of money I had to buy a hotel room in what turned out to be one of the oddest nights of my life. One of the cab drivers at the airport said he could get me a deal at a hotel known as the Princess Miami, and considering I only had maybe $110 left to my name at that point, I proceeded to take the deal. However, all night there were people talking about me in the hallway just outside my door, saying terrible things about me, saying I raped people and speculating as to why I tried to flee the country in the first place. Even as I tossed and turned all night there were people outside doing a play by play of my movements, as if I was being monitored. Even though I spent the night, I don’t think I got more than a few hours sleep.

After checking out of the motel the next morning I spent the next 2 days wandering the streets of Miami, sleeping on a streets while trying to find a place to stay or shelter to enter into. But even then I was being followed/threatened. People would talk about me in their cars as they drove by and people on the streets threatened to break my hands or beat me with a golf club while I slept. At one point I was told that “this is what you get for coming down here” while someone pointed a gun directly at my face as they walked by. The stranger thing was that as soon as I started to walk through the streets of Miami, I was turned away from nearly every institution I stepped into. Every hotel/motel said they were booked, cab drivers wouldn’t pick me up, fast food restaurants refused to serve me and homeless shelters wouldn’t even let me inside their doors.

The morning after staying at the Princess Miami I had managed to stash my computer away with a receptionist at a different hotel across the street. So, after wandering the streets for a few days and being denied shelter, I returned to pick up my laptop and managed to pawn it down the street just to get some money in my pocket. Unfortunately, I only ended up getting $375 for my $1,500 computer, and proceeded to use some of it to buy a room in one of the cheapest, most disgusting motels I had ever seen. However, once again, as soon as I entered the motel room I could hear the people in the room beside me talking about how they had followed me to the pawn shop, bought my computer and were now using it to film/store child pornography on it in an attempt to set me up/frame me. Upon hearing this I immediately called the called the FBI to inform them of the situation, and used it as an opportunity to make a recorded statement and give them all the advice/information they needed to clear me of the crime in the future and catch the culprits in the act – including things like my IP Address and file execution dates.

After a few hours had passed I heard the police show up next door to start making arrests, I could even hear the interview of one of the boys the men had been exploiting. I was so scared/nervous that I just sat in my bed waiting for it all to pass. After everything settled down and everyone had left, I finally got up to use the bathroom and heard people outside talking about my movements in the room. That is when I could hear people on all sides of the room, from the bathroom to the front door to the side window all talking about how they were plotting to shoot/kill me for calling the police earlier that day. I was surrounded on all sides with nowhere to go, and people knew everything I was doing in the room as I did it.

I was too afraid to use my phone to call the police because, after hearing everything go down earlier that day, I knew the walls were so paper thin that everyone would be able to hear what I was saying. I feared that if they heard me make the call they would just barge in and kill me right then and there before the police could arrive. So instead I silently texted a friend back home to call the Miami police on my behalf in hopes they would provide a safe escort for me out of the area. Only when the police showed up they didn’t arrest anyone or take me to a different hotel as I had hoped, instead they took me into custody and dropped me off at a mental health clinic – Banyan Health Systems – where I would spend the better part of the next two weeks, a small nightmare in itself.

By the time I entered the clinic I had been up for +40 hours straight and told I wouldn’t be allowed to sleep. I was subjected to hours of interviews and paper work. I was also suffering from exhaustion and dehydration at that point. In fact, my arms and neck had gotten so sun burnt walking through the streets of Miami that they were peeling for the next +3 weeks after the fact. I was also given a drug test and interestingly enough, despite having only consumed marijuana within the course of the last year beforehand, I magically tested positive for nearly every drug under the sun – including crack-cocaine, opioids, et cetera. For some reason, they told me the only drug I didn’t test positive for was Marijuana. To this day I do not know if I was being set up on the drug tests, if they were false positives, or if I was being secretly set up with some really bad drugs by my dealer back in New Hampshire – for God knows how long.

While I was waiting to be assigned a bed one of the psychologists would make small remarks like “I don’t have any electric couches,” how someone told her that I needed to be set up to be killed inside the facility and at one point she went into an adjacent office and either pretended to tell someone or did tell someone else that “he is too important to die here!” Another assistant told me, “why are you being nice to me, don’t you know what we do here? I am not a good doctor.” At one point during my first week, the facility even tried to convince me that one of the girls I had met there during my first two days never really existed in the first place after she had exited the facility. I don’t know if it was all just test to see how crazy I was or was not, all I know is that none of it was necessary and I couldn’t wait to get out of that place.

Go figure, the first night I stayed there I was told to sleep on a couch – probably trying to get me to freak out about the whole electric couch business. Believe it or not, my first night I was even subject to violations of international law after the facility played random noises in the room they had put me in. For hours on end all I heard were random doors/shutters slamming, men screaming in agony and random beeps and noises at different pitches from all sides and directions – literally nonstop. While I was able to digest it, there was another women in there with me who got placed in the room a few hours after I had arrived. Not long after she arrived the noises completely broke her, so I went out of my way to comfort her, letting her know that it was alright and I would keep her safe. I explained that they were trying to break us on purpose, and that the more she freaked out the worse it was going to make it.

The next morning I marched right up the facilities directors and told them aloud in front of all the other patients that what they were doing there was a violation of international law, and that this sort of behavior isn’t even allowed in torture chambers – never mind a public facility inside the United States. I think they got the point because as soon as I said that all of the other inmates/patients got riled up and started making calls back home to complain and pass along everything I had said. In the hours to follow the whole facility went into a frenzy, the staff started running around from room to room and different groups came in to search the facility. That was also the last day/night those noises were played, at least as long as I was there.

When I was first picked up by police they told me “we are going to take care of you,” and that “it is illegal to extradite a manic depressive.” I was so fatigued at that point that I didn’t completely understand, but I had assumed the Bahamas had changed their mind about my asylum and were trying to get me back into the country by any means necessary, including making up an arrest warrant in my name – more on that later on in the article. Perhaps even worse, I was also set up for a misdiagnosis and forced to take prescription pills I didn’t want. You see, I had told the doctor that I had been living in a +100 year old colonial house surrounded by college students on all 3 apartments/sides around me. The building was so old and outdated that the walls didn’t even have insulation inside them. I explained to her how I could hear the kids and their friends talking about me through the walls essentially every day and night, but often times couldn’t quite make out what they were saying – which frustrated me.

For some reason I think she misunderstood what I was saying and thought the voices I was hearing were coming from inside the walls as random manifestations of my own mind, not from noisy college kids and all their friends – so I was put on Risperdal, a strong anti-psychotic for paranoid schizophrenics. When they tried to get me to take the pills I refused at first, fearing that they were just trying to dope me up in hopes of turning me into a listless and mindless zombie/drone during my stay there. But they told me if I didn’t take the pills I would be marked as refusing treatment and would never be allowed to leave the facility. So, hoping it would help get me out of the facility faster, I played along and started taking the pills. I even played along with the misdiagnosis, telling the doctor that I was getting better and was no longer hearing anything – even though I was never hearing random voices all along, I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

I don’t remember the exact number of days I was inside Banyan, but I think I was only there for maybe 12- 13 days before they finally let me leave. Immediately after checking out of the facility I gave a call to a women I had met inside the facility earlier that week. We went out for lunch and took a trip to the beach to go for a swim before she dropped me off at the local Greyhound station, where I spent the last bit of money I had to purchase a ticket back to New Hampshire. I didn’t really have any plans, but had hoped to get into a short term apartment shelter/work program while I started applying for new jobs around the Concord area. But as it turns out, that plan fell completely apart.

Somewhere around North Carolina my Greyhound bus got stuck in traffic and was delayed, so delayed that I wasn’t able to make any of my next 3 transfers. I was even told that after making it to Boston I wouldn’t be able to get another ticket to New Hampshire for at least another 24 hours. So, instead of waiting around a random bus station to purchase a new ticket, once the bus stopped in New York City I decided to jump ship in hopes of getting myself into some sort of homeless shelter. By that point I had been awake and unable to sleep on various buses for over 40 hours, and all I wanted to do was find somewhere to lay my head and go to sleep.

After I got into New York everything was fine for a short time, I had managed to get into a homeless shelter right away and eventually made it into a work/rehabilitation program known as Ready Willing and Able. However, things sharply took a turn for the worse after about a month inside the facility, and everything that had been following/happening to me in New Hampshire and Florida started to once again manifest itself on the streets of Manhattan – only this time even worse.

Starting just before my birthday in mid-June 2018, people inside my homeless shelter were trying to set me up to get shot or have my testicles taken off – even the facilities supervisors and directors were in on it. After a few days of hearing non-stop threats against my life and persons I left the facility in a panic and started wandering the streets of New York. However, as soon as I left people started following me around the streets everywhere I went and everyone seemed to know my name for some reason. I spent the better part of the next 3 weeks sleeping on various park benches around Central Park, all while random people would film me with their phones, take pictures of me and/or say terrible things about me.

Everywhere I went people would drive or walk by me saying hurtful or offensive things and I was constantly threatened with random acts of violence. In fact, over that 3 week time span I had a gun pointed at my face, was publicly threatened to be shot, have my arm cut off, have my hands dipped in ice water and locked in a freezer until they fell off, have my balls get cut off, have my knees broken, have my face cut off, eyes poked out and feet chopped off with a meat cleaver – no exaggeration.

Things got so bad that I once again reached out the FBI for help on two different occasions, but heard nothing back. I even gave a call to the NYPD informing them of where they could find one of the girls going around telling people to harm me, but nothing was ever done about the situation. To this day I haven’t so much as heard one word or gotten a single response from the FBI – in any one of the 3 states this has been happening to me in.

Eventually, things had gotten so bad and I had grown so desperate that that I took the biggest risk of my life by intentionally doxx’ing my online Anonymous alias as righteous to International Police in Lyon, France in hopes my reputation would get them to help me, or that they would take me into custody and extradite me out of the country. But still nothing happened. I even made it into the French Consulate in New York simply to just to try and get myself detained by INTERPOL, but was only asked to leave the building. When neither of those options worked I even tried to go to the United Nations headquarters to get myself detained, but was still turned away. I even took a third chance at the French Embassy, and all security did was escort me out of the building. I literally couldn’t get myself arrested no matter how hard I tried.

To this day, even as I sit writing this article, the same threats continue to follow me around the streets of New York everywhere I go. Every cop in the city knows who I am am and what is happening to me, as well as the people behind it, but nothing is ever done to resolve the situation.

I cannot remember the exact date, but sometime around the end of June or early July things had reached the point where I knew I could no longer depend on or trust a single soul, entity, agency or department inside the United States, so I went to the Russian Consulate in New York City to declare refugee status and seek political asylum. When I showed up they had me stand outside the building for about an hour and a half on a single step before finally letting me inside, I think as a small test of my resolve/nerve to see how much I really wanted to be there.

After finally letting me inside I was told to draft a written statement explaining my situation, as well as why I was seeking asylum in Russia in the first place. Then, after having a brief conversation with some of the staff inside the facility, I was told to go the Russian Visa office to discuss my different options. To this day, all told I have been inside the Russian Consulate twice and Russian Visa office three times. My asylum in Russia is still technically pending, but I’ve talked to them enough to know that I’ve essentially made it – all I have to do is get inside Russian borders first, because there is essentially nothing they can do for me while I am still inside the United States.

While I was waiting to hear back from the Russians I decided to give my old homeless shelter a second chance, so I checked back in. But still the same threats of violence and physical harm followed me everywhere I went, both inside the facility and out. However, I know I have no where to go except back for Central Park, so I’ve just continued to swallow the harassment and tough it out. However, the 2nd time around things have gotten even worse, and instead of just threatening my persons, the people of New York have evolved to go around threatening people I know and love. For example, the girl I feel in love with from Colombia. Everyday for weeks on end while I was at work people would walk the streets next to me, talking about how she had been abducted, was being rapped and tortured. People would call me a Colombian drug lord or crime God everywhere I went, and tried to make me feel guilt for allowing something to happen to her.

Out of spite/revenge and out of disgust for everything I had been hearing, as well as what this country was doing to me, I reached out to the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Russia informing them that their Consulate Office in New York City had been compromised by the United States Government. I explained to them that while I was standing outside the Consulate waiting to be let inside I overheard a phone call they had received, a phone call discussing details and information about my life that they had no Earthly business knowing about, information no ordinary person or citizen could know – including deliberate misinformation that was completely and utterly untrue. I had no other reason than to believe some branch, office or Government agency affiliated with the United States Government had made the call and was trying to “collude” with the Russians in order sabotage my asylum before it even began, simply to keep me trapped inside this country for reasons I cant understand. So, out of revenge for what this country was saying about the Colombians, I let the Kremlin know that their US offices had been infiltrated/compromised, and could no longer be trusted. While I never did hear back from the FSB at the time, the next time I visited the VISA center I was informed my application would be expedited as soon as it was submitted – so I assume they deemed the information valuable.

On through to today, October 2018, I continue to be mentally tortured and harassed by countless/random people on the streets and inside my homeless shelter on an everyday basis, all while continuing to participate in a work program just to stay on my feet and keep some money in my pocket. For months I did not so much as own a phone, and had extremely limited access to a computer – only being able to work maybe 1-2 days a week for a few hours at a time. It has literally taken me weeks to put this document together.

Over the course of the last 1-2 years everything in my life has been stolen or taken from me. I have no money, home, resources, friends, job or safe place to sleep. I can’t even afford to leave the country to accept my asylum yet. I’ve even permanently deleted hundreds of articles, thousands of hours and years of work just to spite this country and the people doing this to me. All of my friends and family have turned against me and I am being hunted/sabotaged at every corner, no matter what I try to do/accomplish or who I talk to. All of this has grown so large for so long that I can only assume some office or agents working directly for the United States Government are behind this – which is exactly why I continue to fight for my political asylum abroad.

I do not know entirely know what this is about, but what I do know is that I have personally caught the United States Senate Intelligence Committee stealing my work/research word for word and paragraph for paragraph live on CSPAN, and have heard full quotes from my articles shared in speeches by Senator Burr and others on multiple occasions. Despite their blatant plagiarism, not once have I been given any credit – nor my articles or news website cited. I can only assume that all my underground police/intelligence/activism work is to blame, and that I am simply being persecuted for it.

When I applied for work with the CIA I was told to no longer expect to have any privacy and I guess I didn’t entirely understand this concept, but I now know for a fact that the United States Government has been stealing at least some of my work, research and effort entirely for free – I just do not know for how long or to what end. Though if I had a guess, I would imagine it dates back to December 2015. This was when I remember submitting a tip to the CIA under my alias account, but received a direct reply to it under my real life personal account.

Wrapping Things Up

Truth be told, I started writing this article to share my experience applying for political asylum with the world – I never meant for it to turn into this.

For the record, I would just like to state that despite what you might hear or read online, the people of the Bahamas treated me with nothing but respect and dignity, and despite kicking me out of their country I have nothing but good things to say about them. The most interesting thing about my dealings with the Bahamas though is that, after shipping me back to Miami, it appeared as though they changed their mind – almost immediately. I say this because when I woke up at the Princess Miami the morning after making the trip back to the US, I could hear a women outside my hotel window talking about me and how it was no wonder why I had tried to flee the United States. Given her Caribbean accent and what she was talking about, I absolutely believe the Bahamas wanted me to come back to their country, but she was blocked from coming into the building. In fact, representatives from the Bahamas have talked to me 3 different times since I was returned to the United States – twice in Miami and once more while I was sleeping around Central Park.

Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t just leave with Nassau Security that day in New York City. I suppose at the time there was a lot of information/disinformation being thrown at me from all different directions and I wasn’t sure of the best decision to make. To be honest, I think I was just too scared to make the commitment. For some reason I have this false sense of hope in my mind that everything will eventually turn out alright for me here in the US, even knowing full well it never will. All I know is that when I didn’t leave with those Bahamian representatives that day it was my last chance to make it into the country, and they told me they wouldn’t be sending anyone else to try and pick me up again.

As for the Russians, my dealings with them went as expected. I would describe them as stern, straight to the point and very businesslike – just as their reputation would have you believe. I’ve since been told that I was one of the first and only non-Russian citizens ever allowed inside the Consulate office, never mind twice, which I suppose is a compliment within itself. I don’t know what they think of me, all I know is that Russian offices and Russian immigrants/employees here inside the United States are absolutely colluding with or working directly for/with US Government agents, agencies, offices or departments. I say this because outside of my experience inside the Russian Consulate, I’ve even had Russian women walking the streets of New York telling me how the US just needs to have someone give me a blow job in order for them to take my balls off, continuing to threaten me with all the same threats/games as the rest of these Americans.

The last piece of intelligence I will ever share is that this whole Mueller “witch-hunt” isn’t a witch-hunt at all, and my life is now testimony to this fact. You’re welcome America.