righteous is a political activist, writer and researcher, as well as original founder of the AIA and The Hackers Tribune – coming soon. Before breaking off to form his own news company, righteous contributed as writer and content specialist for AnonHQ. His work has also been featured on MintPress News and


Maia is a human rights and community activist, raising awareness and working to improve the lives of anyone she touches. Maia is one of the most widely recognized members of Anonymous, and leader of #OpIslam – a Muslim outreach operation designed to educate people against the common misconceptions associated with Islam, as well as put an end to Xenophobia around the world.


Otherwise known as Black, BSV is an online penetration tester and ethical hacker, as well as original founder of Black Security (BlackSec).


Otherwise known as Pro, Prometheus is a student of computer science, specializing in penetration testing, ethical hacking and Android App development.


Диоиумоцх is a video editor, self proclaimed ‘greyhat’ and legacy member of the Anonymous Hacker Collective from Pakistan, whom has collaborated with major groups and operations all around the world – including #OpIcarus and #OpIsrael.


Otherwise known as L, Lilium is an online activist and social engineer, working to put an end to child abuse and exploitation. L is one of the founding members of RedSecurity, who’s work has been featured in reports around the world.