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Remember, everyone goes rogue every once and a while 😉


Rogue Security was founded in September 2018 by Brian Dunn. Though he has his roots within the Anonymous Hacker Collective, Rogue Security now works to secure the accounts, computers and websites of political activists fighting worldwide against all forms of Government corruption, tyranny and oppression. It is our goal to educate, empower and protect/secure every man, women and child around the world willing to stand up against and fight the powers at be.

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Through a combined/collective effort, Rogue Security Group aims to organize a diverse group of international activists and professionals capable of mobilizing in times of need or crisis, providing resources to, raising awareness on behalf of and standing up against injustices wherever help is needed. If there is an issue or cause you believe requires our attention, or if you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reach us through the addresses listed below.

The Anonymous Intelligence Agency

Rogue Security is a branch of the Anonymous Intelligence Agency, an organization formed to connect the services of the digital underground to police/government agencies worldwide. To date, together with the help of others, the AIA has successfully submitted over 200 tips to international authorities regarding illegal websites, online scams, as well as terrorist/criminal activities.

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