Mission Statement

The Anonymous Intelligence Agency was originally formed in 2015, connecting the services of hackers to the resources of police agencies and Government offices across the globe. It is the goal of the AIA to safely allow Anonymous sources to provide information on criminal activities, illegal websites and terrorists activities directly to the people in positions of authority who can do something about it. The AIA acts as a liaison between the online world of underground hackers and the big wigs serving in Government, ensuring that no source will be compromised for the information/work they provided.

Far to often the last thing any hacker or researcher wants to do is make direct contact with police or Government agencies themselves, fearing that their work might place them behind bars. This is exactly what the Anonymous Intelligence Agency does, it takes the risks others are not willing to take – connecting hackers and activists doing amazing work and placing the information they uncovered into the hands of people who can do something about it.

It is the AIA‘s belief that hackers and police/Governments do not need to be mortal enemies, and if more people took their own egos out of the equation and started working together we could all accomplish some amazing things. That remains the AIA‘s goal here today.

Reach The AIA: tips@anonintell.org

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