Large Scale Phishing Scheme/Campaign Detected In The UK

Rogue Security Labs has managed to uncover a dozen URL’s, email addresses and telephone numbers being used to carry out phishing attacks on unsuspecting web users this Holiday season. The domains and URL’s appeared online for the first time this week, November 20th 2018, just days before the start of Black Friday – perhaps indicating a large scale phishing campaign is already underway or immanent.

Among others, the links attempt to be fake the identity of several large scale American based tech corporations, including Norton Anti-Virus, Facebook, Microsoft, Google Gmail, Dell and more.

Addresses Uncovered:

hxxp://                                                                                          0808-169-1503
hxxp://                                                                   0808-169-1988
hxxp://                                                                                    0800-029-4639
hxxp://                                                                             0808-169-3106
hxxp://                                                                   0808-169-3103
hxxp://                                                                      0808-169-3107
hxxp://                                                                                             0808-168-9042
hxxp://                                                                         0808-178-2624
hxxp://                                                                                             0808-178-2624
hxxp://                                                                       0808-169-1503
hxxp://                                                                             0808-238-7544

Upon investigation, the URL’s appear to have all been registered around the spring of 2017. While some have been suspended for spam distribution, a number of them remain online. It is also important to note that even if a websites name servers have been suspended, it doesn’t mean hackers cant still phish through emails using those same credentials. The websites have been reported to the proper authorities, but users are advised to always remain vigilant when clicking on any links or opening emails. Always double check the source, especially during the holiday season.