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Rogue Security Labs specializes in website development, website security and online cybersecurity.  Brian Dunn, owner of Rogue Security Labs, also specializes in copyrighting, ghost writing, social media, targeted advertising, content generation, content specialization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) auditing/practices.

Website Development

This can appeal to anyone that wants to start a new website or upgrade an old one. It could be for your business, your passion, or just something you want to create to share your ideas/products/passions with the world. There are infinite possibilities. Just to give you an honest breakdown of what it takes to build a website, the server costs $300 per year. If you don’t already own a domain, this could take as little as $9-20 per year, depending on registration. If someone owns the domain you want and there are no other ways around it, this could take possibly +60$. Then, if you want to attach an email through your site servers DNS, this would take another 35-50$. So, right off the bat, you are looking at about 350-400$ generally – and I wouldn’t be making a dime off any of that money, that’s just the cost of your overhead.

With that said however, you’d be paying me to assemble the site and pull everything together, which would take an hourly fee – 15$/hr. If you don’t like the way your website looks after the first go around, I wouldn’t charge you again to make a second. After that, it would really depend on what or how much you are looking for. Depending on the site I could possibly get you on Google News, or verified on Facebook – etc. I could micro-manage Search Engine Optimization for you so your results rank higher on Bing, Yahoo and Google. I could set up, run or create your social accounts, I can copy right your content, I could ghostwrite content for you – anything really, it just depends on what you want.

If you aren’t looking for a business site and want something cheaper and less serious, you could host a website for about 100$ – though your security options are limited at that range, as are your design options. But, if you are looking to design something more for fun than for business, outside of server and domain fees, I’d still only charge 15$ and hour to do it for you.

Website Security

Truth be told, my specialty is website security and online cyber security. Meaning that if you would like me to install security, monitor your website in live time, mitigate attacks when/if they occur, set up encrypted email accounts re-routed through your DNS, so on and so forth, I would charge a yearly fee of 150$. This would cover installation and maintenance.

It’s also critically important to understand that if you have WordPress for example, and have Jetpack or Askminet, while WordPress will sell you that they are all the security you ever need, trust me, they aren’t. What you should understand is that Jetpack, for example, will simply just restore your website to the exact time before it was hacked. Jetpack does nothing to prevent the hack from occurring in the first place. This is what I do, prevent hacks from ever effecting you in the first place – they are two different things.

I believe in honesty. Computing stuff is an art lost on many people right now, which is why I put all these costs out in the open so you can see what it takes to build a rock solid platform to begin safely and securely creating whatever you desire. I take great pride in creating quality, so I’m not trying to rip anyone off with my time.

As far as small projects, auditing a current website, auditing SE0, running/managing or creating social accounts, copyrighting, ghostwriting, sourcing content – etc – this is something we can discuss personally via the phone number or email address provided below.

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