Anonymous Intelligence Agency

The Anonymous Intelligence Agency (AIA) was originally formed in 2015. From the start, it has always been the AIA’s mission to connect the world of hackers, activists and underground researchers to the resources of Government offices and police agencies worldwide. Through the AIA, it’s my goal to allow Anonymous sources to provide me with information on criminal activities, illegal websites and terrorists activity, so that I can safely report it to the proper authorities on their behalf – ensuring the full protection of all my sources. In this way, the AIA acts as a liaison between the online world of underground hackers and the big wigs serving in Government, ensuring that no source will ever be compromised for the information/work they provide.

It is the AIA‘s belief that hackers and the police/Governments do not need to be mortal enemies, and if more people took their own egos out of the equation and started working together we could all accomplish some amazing things. This is exactly what the Anonymous Intelligence Agency does, it takes the risks others are not willing to take – connecting hackers and activists doing amazing work and placing the information they uncover into the hands of people who can actually do something about it.

Together with my own research, along with the help of countless others, to date, I would estimate that the AIA has successfully submitted anywhere between well over 250 “Anonymous tips” to various police departments and Government agencies worldwide, each individual tip sometimes containing hundreds to thousands of individual websites or targets. It has always been our collective mission to bring about change in this world, to stand up against all the ignorance, crime, oppression, War, death and destruction we are all seeing on a daily basis – to ‘light up the darkness,’ so to speak. This remains the AIA’s goal here today.

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